A caregiver from the institution will visit the cardholder’s home to check his health.

1. Weight Recording & BMI Estimation.

    2. Blood pressure estimation.

    3. Blood sugar measurement.

    4. Pulse recording.

    5. Respiration recording.

    6. Temperature recording.

    7. Oxygen level estimation.

    8. Jaundice detection.

    9. Anemia detection.

    10. Edema detection.

    11. Required calorie estimation.

    12. Restricted body movement detection.

    13. Blood grouping detection

    and other vital sign check-up, Other necessary tests based on age and sex.

    Soon we are making arrangements to collect pathological samples from any client’s home and deliver the test and report to the laboratory of the client’s choice. Also we are soon going to provide Portable X-ray, ECG, Ultrasonography facility for the beneficiaries.